Studio Announcements - Week of June 19

  • Save the date: We are having a studio birthday party July 7 from 6-8pm! Come! Bring your people! It's also the Spring Class Potluck! & the closing reception for Radical Jewelry Makeover Artist Project! The studio will be hopping!!!
  • We are excited to announce CrossPASS Collaboration, a creativity challenge running in conjunction with the CrossPass exhibition that will be in the gallery this summer. Those who participate will be put into pairs and will respond to a site in Baltimore city to make a collaborative piece of work. The resulting work will be displayed as a pop-up exhibition in the gallery in conjunction with the CrossPASS exhibition. All participants will also receive 25% off of rental during July and August. Deadline to sign up to participate is Friday, June 23!
  • Our teen camp starts next week! Deadline to sign up is June 21!
  • We have two more scholarships available for the summer session for new and returning students, one for an eight-week class with 8 weeks of rental and one for a 4-week class with 4-weeks of rental. Deadline to apply is June 30.  Check out our website for details about how to apply.
  • Our 3-hour Quick Casting workshop is coming up on June 25. Learn to make quick and easy silicone rubber molds & casts of found objects!
  • The 3-day workshop with Demi Thomloudis  is coming up July 14-16. She will teach people how to cast hollow concrete forms and how to color and work with the cast forms.



June 19, 2017 written by Baltimore Jewelry Center Staff 0 comments